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Coordinate and measure all your marketing activities from one powerful tool that can be integrated seamlessly into the reset of your revenue generating process.

Do you wish you could measure the value of your marketing activities? Do you want to understand what marketing channels that are actually driving revenue for your business? With a marketing automation platform you can do just that. Don't settle for just measuring how many "likes" on Facebook or "retweets" on Twitter your campaign has. Instead, measure the amount of clients you create and what their buying process looked like. All the way from the initial contact with your company to closing the deal.

Element took Marketing Automation to the Nordic market and is the largest consulting firm in that category in the region. Learn more about which systems we recommend, and can help you - not just install - but create success and revenue with.

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William Naversten

William Naversten

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William is our Marketing Automation evangelist, contact him if you want to learn more about Marketing Automation.

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