Thinking of the modern customer journey and it's impact on marketing

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Think of all the touch points! Thanks to the Cloud, big data, mobile and social media to name a few, we see and interact with so many touch points today – all building up a picture of a product or a brand in the head of our customers or leads. These touch points are changing the Customer Journey dramatically.

Your product or brand must be visible at each touch point - whenever the customer wants it. Additionally, new technologies that are here to stay, like marketing automation, do not only make the interaction with the customer possible but also allow us to learn from each interaction and make the next one better.

With the help of new intelligent software systems, the job of the CMO is changing rapidly. You can now read the customers buying journey like a book. Hence, you are not really driving campaigns so much anymore. Instead, you are developing a coherent marketing process.

As a conclusion of all this, we might say that algorithms are best in planning and procurement. But the new marketing agencies of tomorrow will need consultants as well as system– and tool integrators. Agencies need to guide their clients though the different technologies and teach them how to develop their customer journey storytelling.

It’s a good thing that this has been Element’s core business for several years already.

Interested in talking more about the modern customer journey and how you can improve your customer’s experience? Give me a call!

/ Bärbel Ask

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