Lead Generation Strategy

Align your marketing and sales efforts to create an inflow of qualified leads.

Many organizations lack quality requirements for their leads. It is no longer sufficient to simply generate as many leads as possible. It is a waste of resources and you risk damaging your brand. The important task is to generate high quality leads – leads that you have determined likely to become a client or a valuable asset and that are interested in further contact.

80% of marketers still deliver unqualified leads to their sales departments.

When helping our client’s set up a Lead Generation Strategy that will produce high quality leads we focus on a number of issues:

  • Your customers buying process - The what, when, where and why of how your customers consumes information and prefers to make a purchase.

  • Your message and content - Based on your customers buying behaviour; How are you communicating with different decision makers at different phases of their journey.

  • Your online performance - Analysing your current state of digital marketing; including technical and strategic analysis around traffic, visitor behavior, technical quality of platforms and more.

  • Process Set Up - Based on the intelligence above we help you set up a world class lead generation process and make sure to implement it both strategically and tactically in your team to guarantee successful adoption of the process.

Element has extensive experience in setting up lead generation strategies for companies both large and small. As part of a creating your Lead-to-Revenue process and professionalizing your lead management processes we help you optimize your lead generation production so that sales and can receive only actionable leads and marketing can produce real value.


  Lead-to-Revenue Management

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Helen Agering

Helen Agering

+ 46 8 534 815 66

Helen is our Lead Management specialist. Helen has extensive experience from B2B Strategy and Project Management assignments. Feel free to contact her if you want to know more.

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