B2B Social Media Strategy

Using Social Media with a purpose; to increase your revenue.

B2B Buyers makes 70% of their buying journey online, without talking to potential vendors.
- Content Marketing Institute

The buying process has moved online and the buyers have taken control over what information they want to consume. In order to remain effective as marketers and salespeople; we have to move our conversions online on the buyer's terms. That means communication in a way that engages them, in places where they want to be engaged with.

Social Media is not something that is important only for e-commerce or retail stores. It is an increasingly vital part of your digital marketing strategy.

Element will help you with these strategies. As part of a larger Lead-to-Revenue Process that we will help you develop, we will provide you with tools and tactics necessary to leverage the right social media channels for your business and industry, teach you to use them in the best way in order to be able to measure and improve the results of your efforts. All in all, we will help you make Social Media a part of your revenue generating marketing process.


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Helen Agering

Helen Agering

+ 46 8 534 815 66

Helen is our Lead Management specialist. Helen has extensive experience from B2B Strategy and Project Management assignments. Feel free to contact her if you want to know more.

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