Lead-to-Revenue Management

Creating a seamless marketing and sales process that can generate and measure revenue.

Lead-to-Revenue Management (L2RM) refers to the range of methods that are needed to effectively manage a customer’s purchasing process. From the very first touch point all the way to a profitable long-term customer relationship.

Element will help you develop a complete Lead-to-Revenue Management Process.
We will provide you with strategies and know-how to be able to align all the necessary components of your own L2RM-process.

This means:

  • working with your organisation to anchor the skills needed in your team,
  • adopting the needed strategic mind-set to leverage the process optimally,
  • creating the best possible tactical process for your organisation,
  • choosing the right framework of tools needed,
  • working with your tactical marketing and sales teams to develop the right content production process,
  • the means of measuring the right KPI’s and being able to optimize your process over time.

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