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B2B Marketing and Sales strategies focused around how your customer wants to buy.

Modern marketing departments must move closer to what traditionally might have been sales territory. Sales needs to align their processes with digital lead generation efforts, usually marketing territory. More important than ever before; marketing and sales needs to become one integrated revenue driving process.

To succeed at this in the long term; marketing and sales must adapt modern key performance indicators (KPI’s) so that all departments work towards the same goal. Instead of marketing working with their statistics and sales working with their quotes, everyone works together towards goals such as number of sales qualified leads, number of opportunities created, average value of opportunity sourced from a specific marketing channel, and all the way down to ROI on marketing investments.

Element will help you design a holistic B2B Marketing and Sales strategy for your specific organisation. We will create a Lead-to-Revenue Process that will act as the framework for all of your combined marketing and sales efforts in order to become a “revenue generating machine”.

We have extensive experience of advising both large and small companies in their efforts to streamline their marketing and sales process. Feel free to click on any of the icons below to learn more each specific area within the holistic B2B-strategy.

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Jonas Ander

Jonas Ander

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Jonas is our expert in B2B strategy. Contact him for a personal run-through.

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